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A Leader in Quantitative Investment Research and Management

Financial Trust Asset Management, Chartered is a fee-only state registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in quantitative investment management. Clients utilizing our services include foundations, endowments, pension plans, high net worth individuals as well as other non-affiliated advisors,  broker-dealers and institutional investors. 

Financial Trust Asset Management offers its clients a family of 15 award winning Separately Managed Account strategies. Established in 1989 by Arno O. Mayer CFA, CFP, Financial Trust Asset Management’s quantitative investment portfolios have offered a consistent investment management approach, which it believes is unique within the quantitative investment manager universe. Our investment strategies include proprietary indexes, enhanced indexes and active strategies that when combined provide clients with a flexible approach to portfolio construction and diversification.

Mr. Mayer developed Financial Trust’s quantitative investments strategies after observing that most quantitative firms did not offer consistent investment strategies. Many firms instead rely on “factor chasing”, leading to “black box” approaches to investing. Financial Trust’s strategies have employed a consistent investment approach since inception. “Our transparent investment strategies have allowed our clients to construct investment portfolios using a core and explore approach”.

Financial Trust’s Family of 15 investment strategies have won a combined 190 PSN “Top Guns” awards from Informa Investment Solutions/PSN, a national investment manager data base. In order to win the “Top Guns” award a firm must place among the top 10 managers nationwide based on gross returns for a specific style and time period.  Financial Trust's Health Value strategy was recently ranked # 6 versus 3,087 other peer strategies in the US Equity Universe and #1 in the Mid Cap Universe versus 442 other peer strategies for the 3 year period ending 2 Quarter June 30, 2014 according to Informa/PSN.

Financial Trust Asset Management acts in a fiduciary capacity for its clients. Our clients assets are held only at independent qualified custodians, such as Charles Schwab & Co., Fidelity Investments and Foliofn Institutional.

Financial Trust Asset Management claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). To receive a list of composite descriptions of Financial Trust Asset Management and/or a presentation that complies with the GIPS standards, call (800) 953-9144 or email